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heli® 2200 Adventure Kit helps to set a record on Mount Everest

heli® 2200 Adventure Kit helps to set a record on Mount Everest

We get questions from our customers about the different uses for the heli® all the time. Frequent questions are about functionality in the cold and at high altitudes. We have always been confident in its ability to provide power and light in the most extreme situations because of our lab testing, but we have always preferred real-world proof of how great the heli® is, and now we have it, thanks to Rob Mortell.

Rob Mortell lives in Limerick, Ireland, and has been climbing for years. Rob has climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Denali and North America and Ama Dablam in Nepal. This year Rob took on his greatest adventure yet, and at the age of 26, he is now the youngest Irishman to ever reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Rob contacted us a few weeks before he left for Nepal to begin his acclamation at the base camps. We were thrilled that he asked for our support and were excited to be allowed to be a part of this historic adventure. Besides allowing heli® to be a part of something so amazing, we also saw a chance to find out how the heli® would perform in some very extreme situations. At this time of year, the weather around Mount Everest can get as low as - 13°F (-25°C). Batteries don't like those kinds of temperatures.

Of course, we know that solar is more efficient at higher altitudes. Mount Everest, having an altitude of 29,035 feet (8848 m) is a great place to use a solar panel to recharge the batteries in the heli®. There are many reasons/theories for this, but the most accepted is that efficiency increases in a thinner atmosphere. Of course, we had not been able to put this to the test in our R&D laboratory and were excited to see how it worked.

Besides the battery and charging efficiency, we also needed to know what the effects of these extreme temperatures and altitude would be on the circuitry, battery performance, connectors, etc. All of this would be put to the ultimate test.

So how did heli® do? Rob has proven that the heli® truly is ready for anything. The 2200 Adventure Kit we provided made the trek up Mount Everest and back down. It performed marvelously and provided Rob with the light and power that he needed to not only prepare for such a daring endeavor, but also to keep in touch with all of his fans and supporters. "The 2200 is performing great every night in Advanced Base Camp...very much enjoying the heli 2200."

So we are proud and happy to state, that the heli® is the greatest, most rugged, best tested, portable power and light source on the market.


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