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A Big Announcement: heli® and Touch of Modern team up!

A Big Announcement: heli® and Touch of Modern team up!

When we designed the heli®, most of what we took into account was the down and dirty. It had to survive, not in a drawer or trunk, but in the real world. A world that is off-grid, rough, and sometimes unrelenting. It was built to survive dust and dirt, sudden downpours, inclement weather, humidity, and moisture. Most of all it had to survive the treatment from the customer who would be counting on its light and power while dealing with these harsh environments.

It's designed to be used and relied on every day, no matter what is thrown at it.

While this ruggedness is a major component to what the heli® Lantern is, we couldn't stop there. We worked hard to also make sure it's aesthetically pleasing. We knew this would be in living rooms, at dinner tables, and on study desks. We understand that our customers deserve a light and power source that has utility for any situation and can be proudly displayed even when the situation is not dire.

Essentially, we worked to make heli® functional and cool at the same time.

We don't always focus on this aspect of the heli® when we talk about it, but when we got the call from Touch of Modern, we knew that others understood what we worked for. Touch of Modern specializes in high-end consumer goods. The products they sell are quality and undeniably cool.

Here at heliTakeCharge.com we jumped at the chance to get to show Touch of Modern customers what we had achieved and are so excited for our debut on their site. They allow us to have access to a community of customers that will learn to love the heli® as we do and use it to it's full potential. Getting the heli®i into these new customers hands get us closer to accomplishing another one of our brand goals - put this in homes of people who have no choice about where they get power and light.

For the next five days, anyone can purchase a heli® Solar Adventure Kit and heli® Solar Ultimate Kit on the Touch of Modern website at a huge discount.

Even though the savings on these heli® Solar Kits is so dramatic, these are still the kits that generate our donations to people in the developing world. When the Touch of Modern campaign sells out, 2000 people who need access to clean, renewable light and power will receive that gift from heli®, and from you.

Everybody wins! So please, check out Touch of Modern and be a part of improving the quality of life for thousands of people, including your own.


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