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Is my lantern broken? I get an message saying “This accessory may not be supported” when using your 10-in-1 USB Charging Cable.

Absolutely Not! The problem is the 10-in-1 cord, not the lantern. Using Apple approved charging cords with the heli® USB lanterns works every time. But Apple occasionally programs updates that restrict their phones from charging when using non-Apple approved cords. We can’t predict this effect from updates, sorry. We have only run into this issue with Apple phones.

If you have to use the 10-in-1 cord and your I-phone won’t charge, try turning the lantern on with the phone plugged into the lantern. This does a reset in the circuitry and sometimes overrides the block for charging. The light does not need to remain on if charging commences. Another method is to start charging your lantern via solar panel, AC or DC chargers with your phone plugged into the lantern. No guarantees but we’ve had success doing both.

Is my heli® lantern waterproof? What does IP54 mean?

Your heli® lantern is not waterproof and should not be submersed in water. If your lantern does fall into the water it will float for up to 5 minutes without the refractor cap. If this happens allow it to fully dry and then test it. We’ve found our lanterns have survived these types of accidents with minimal damage, but unfortunately we can not warranty against submersion in water.

IP ratings stand for Ingress Protection (protection from things going into an object). The first digit represents protection against solids and the larger the number, the smaller the item that stays out. We offer a 5 which means your lantern is protected from dust on contact but is not completely dust proof. The second digit represents protection agains liquids. We offer a 4 which protects against the splashing, not spraying of water. Thus rainfall or paddle drips do not present a threat to the operation of your lantern.

What’s the big deal with Pass-Through Technology?

When it comes to portable power storage and dispersal, not all products are created equal. Many power banks or lanterns that provide USB charges for your portable devices can either be taking a charge or dispersing a charge, but not both. The heli® 2200 and 4400 classic USB lanterns will! So while your charging our lanterns with solar, AC, or DC power, you can be charging your phone, camera, or other personal devices! And all our devices have visible charging indicators allowing you to monitor how much is going in and coming out.

What is the life expectancy of my heli® lantern’s battery?

Your lantern can be re-charged an astounding 3’000 times! If your lantern was used every day for the full charge, it would last 8 years, meaning in reality your battery could last a lifetime.

How visible is the light from a heli® lantern?

To be clear, the 2200 and 4400 classic USB lanterns produce identical amounts of light. The 4400’s battery allows it to run longer, not brighter. An independent test* produced the following results for light emission for the 2200 lantern:

  • Turbo White-Usable (reading) light in a 25 foot diameter area
  • Medium White-Usable (reading) light in a 10 foot diameter area
  • Low White-Sufficenent for personal area lighting. Enough for reading in a tent or reading a personal device
  • Flashing White-Visible for over a mile tested in a wooded, uneven ground area using GPS
  • Constant Red-Sufficenent for personal area lighting. Enough for reading in a tent or reading a personal device without hampering night vision
  • Blinking Red-Visible for over 1.5 miles from shore to the deck of a kayak in choppy conditions measured using GPS

*Testing was performed by a group of outdoor lovers who happened to include some engineers and tech “geeks” using a demo lantern provided by heli® Take. Charge.

Can I charge my phone or other device and my heli® lantern at the same time?

Yes*. Due to Pass-Through Technology all our power source products can charge your phone or other personal devices while being charged. Be aware this will increase the charge time on your heli® product.

How can I be sure my heli® USB lantern is taking a charge?

There are two green blinking lights indicating your lantern is being charged. You will see a small flashing green light in the center of the led bulb panel when the lantern is taking a charge. The lights on the front of your lantern will also be blinking or solid, indicating charging is under way and how much power is available from your lantern. If you feel your lantern should be charging and you do not see either of these blinking lights, please check your power source and the cable connections.

Why is the 14W solar panel not charging my device?

The 14W panel ONLY works when completely unfolded. Please make sure all four panels are fully open and exposed to the light. If a panel is partially closed, the circuit will be shut and the panel will not provide solar power.

It's taking an awful long time for my lantern to charge with the solar panel. What's going on?

Charging your lantern or any device with solar is not the same as if you were charging it via a wall or vehicle charger. The amount of power generated by solar panels is affected by the size of your panel, the efficiency of the panel, and the environment you’re charging in. Please click here for a tutorial on charging by solar to help understand the basics of solar charging. We recommend using the wall or car charger if possible for the fastest charging results.

heli uses MINI USB tips rather than micro tips, why?

There’s been lots of debate about the benefits of each type of tip. We agree micro-tips allow for a more positive connection but their durability has been a concern. We designed our products to be USED, a lot! And in rugged conditions. Mini-tips are far more durable and should last as long as your lantern under normal use. heli® has seen too many useless micro-tip cables in our travels. So while it may feel like our connections are a bit loose, testing has shown them to consistently deliver 100% power to the lanterns, and hold up over time and use. So get out there and Take.Charge with heli®!