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IDGA Awards 2009

“...a versatile design...and it’s a philanthropic company. I think it’s terrific.” 

                                                                                                Jorge S. Arango

Technology Today Product Review

“The company has created a conical mirror reflector just above the bulbs which does a fantastic job of transmitting the light evenly.”

                                                                                                 Dr. Alan J. Pierce


“…making it a fabulous addition to any hunter’s, camper’s or angler’s gear box.”


Skylights Magazine

“Imagine not packing any batteries for your next camping trip. In fact, let’s leave the flashlights home as well.”


“ ...every camper’s ideal companion.”  

                                                                                                Ivan Lai

Miami Herald

“It’s about the size and weight of a soda can and uses a combination of LED lights and solar power to produce an incredibly bright light.” 

                                                                                                Steve Greenberg


“You might want to tote the solar lantern/flashlight along with you on a camping trip, or stash it inside a closet in readiness for the next electrical brownout to hit your neighborhood.” 

                                                                                                Jacqueline Emigh


“...to shed some light on your camping trip, you might want to check out this...LED Lantern” 

                                                                                                Chris Scott Barr

Coolest Gadgets

“The more solar gadgets you can have around, the less batteries you have to deal with.  ...a convenient light to have around when it comes time to go camping.  Instead of worrying about having D batteries lying around, you just have to make sure to leave this out so that it can charge up in the sunlight.”



“A beautiful multi-use device for camping” 

                                                                                                Chris Weiss

The Knack

...it's solar powered and incredibly mobile!  ...simply the best lantern around. Talk about a fantastic present!



The New York Times, “Making Solar Power Portable,” February 8, 2010


heli® lanterns"  …are literally lifesavers. “We have lions and elephants nearby here,” said Martin J. Graber, a doctor and international development consultant who works in the Narok district of southwest Kenya. Dr. Graber uses a solar-powered lantern when he goes to the outhouse at night. “I want to make sure there are no animals.”

Dr. Graber said he also used the lanterns in the clinics he helped to develop. “We have a new clinic that has no electricity at present,” he said recently. “There was a young man who came in who had a finger almost entirely amputated. We used the light from the lantern to take care of his finger.”


Audubon Magazine March/April Issue 2010. David Seideman

Editor’s Choice " ...a small gadget with big potential… you can practically kick this device, thanks to its hardy construction.

…well designed and the unit has been constructed in a robust enough fashion to survive the treatment it will receive in the African market.

B Fiedler, Missionary, Liberia 2014

I endorse it with all my heart and appreciation… what a blessing K-lights are. No batteries are needed as the sun is the power source. It is a good investment. This is a one time expense but it may save children's lives.

Arlene Brown, Hope Made Real, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we lost power for about 8 hours after the wet, heavy snow that fell the night before snapped a cross-arm on a pole behind our house. It turned into one of those beautiful days that so often follow storms – cold, but crystal clear. To make matters worse, our phone service only lasts about 2 hours on a backup battery after we lose power and neither my wife nor I had charged our cell phones. Fortunately for us, we have a 7 year old technology expert in the house. He had the solar lantern setup and charging our phones right away. After a day of sledding, snowmen and snowball fights, we came home to solar charged cell phones! My boys insist the solar lantern prevented a great hardship – an evening without Minecraft!

Thanks Again, George Hitch, Generation Asset Trader II, Dominion Generation - Energy Supply/Trading, 2013

The Project of lighting for students aims at reducing the girls’ drop-out rate and improve students’ performance by providing cheap access to solar lanterns. The K-light solar lanterns are being distributed through a programme that the schools have established in which the parents or guardians can enroll. The lanterns have … brought a huge social change in the schools of Kakuma.

Jorge Mayer, EDP Project Field Manager, 2011

Vazira is 30 and currently earns money through providing casual labour such as weeding, whilst her husband earns a small wage from construction labour. Their life depends entirely on this small amount of income making it incredibly difficult for them to meet the basic needs of their family. They need to buy kerosene for light and regularly go without light so that they can put food on the table. With the introduction of the solar lantern, life has drastically changed within the family. They have constant light and they can now use the money that was previously spent on kerosene to improve the family diet through purchasing milk, fruit and vegetables.

Irene is 33, married with eight children and shares the house with her husband, his three other wives and their children. Her husband has no regular income and Irene has to struggle to ensure the survival of her children and to meet their basic needs. Irene strives to grow her own food for use in the home to ease the situation. Occasionally she sells these crops to supplement other needs which, if the harvest is poor, could leave the family hungry. Since she's had the K-Light Irene has been able to save some extra money to buy fertilizer for her crop which should ensure a good harvest. She will then use the money from selling the extra harvest to start a small business. She hopes that the business profit will enable her to open an account for her children's education.

Kopernik News, 12/11/2010

I am always looking for opportunities to assist in our objective and strongly believe the K-Light presents a great opportunity for the school, our immediate community… I am excited by the product and its potential application for African people.

Mark O’Kane, Prinicpal, ETO Gitarama Rwanda, January 2008

There is a real tactile pleasure in holding the lamp. The elegant design immediately inspired me.

Paul Symanski, Existent Design and Technologies, 2013

…the Lantern with only half LED really lights up the interior of our tent nicely - ample light to read by as well. Our picnic table was also flooded with great light on only half LED use. The cell phone charger works great and actually seems to charge more quickly than the car charger when the lantern is at full charge. We utilized this feature numerous times in the UP as we weren't by any available power source as we were camping at a National Forest Campground ( No electricity).

Curt Fonger. Superstition Search and Rescue, 2012